Tuesday, April 7 is a wonderful full moon. During this time of close quarters, allow yourself to connect with this energy of the expansive light, the abundant fullness and intuitive nature of this beautiful moon. Whether you can see it or not due to weather conditions, you can connect and be part of this energy of a huge light in the darkness.

In some circles, this moon is dedicated to the butterfly also the symbol of the coming Easter celebration this Sunday.  So many things seem to be happening in the outer world and this week, more than ever, we get the opportunity to imitate the life of the butterfly. Our journey being played out right now, is so similar to the butterfly story… like the caterpillar that crawls along the earth, we are aware of our physical body in the earthly plane; like the time of cocooning in the chrysalis, we are cocooning in our homes and being presented with the opportunity to spiritually cocoon away from the outer world. The caterpillar literally changes species and becomes the beautiful butterfly. Before that happens, however, caterpillar cells try to kill off butterfly cells believing it is still a caterpillar. This inner war continues until the butterfly cells, called imaginal cells, outnumber the old cells and the caterpillar cellular memory is gone. The butterfly is now free to be the beautiful, colorful, creature that flies into the sky (heaven). Let us use this energy to release the old and what no longer serves our lives and become what we have always known we are!  (See Nori Huddle’s research on imaginal cells from her book Butterfly.)

This is our story more than ever. We have this sacred time to be recreated as the spiritual infinite beings we were meant to be. Let us take this mythic energy and embody the energy of change, creativity, freedom, transformation, shape shifting, soul evolution and joy! Celebrate the full moon and allow it to bathe you with the imagery of change, beautify and creativity!