Every Thing Is Energy

Energy Medicine (EM), Predates Western medicine. Energy medicine has been used in various cultures across the world for centuries to enhance a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
The National Institutes of Health recognizes energy medicine as one of five basic categories of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in use today.

Energy Medicine Treatments called Energy Modalities work with and improve all of the organs, energy systems of the body and the energy field surrounding the body.
All Energy Medicine Modalities are a compliment to Western Medicine and work naturally, gently and safely with no side effects.

“Once you start your path to healing your energy center, you will find that your potential is limitless. The epiphanies started the minute I walked out of Colleen’s office…”
Pat Conroy
“For years I wondered why I couldn’t find the beauty in the world around me, and then I started energy healing. Now everyday I wake up is a blessing, and I can’t wait to continue my path to the new ME!”
Mark Twain


The Energy Blog is our way of helping you along your journey to health, happiness, and the realization of all your potential.

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